In parallel with our performances and workshops, we carry out special events that cater for individual specific requirements.

Thus, we are happy to adapt to the place and any constraints to create a single performance conceived for a particular occasion.

You might want to invite us to festivals, Open Door events, cultural celebrations and artistic commemorations.

For more information, you can contact us at: direction@cabantheatre.com

Some successful events Caban Theatre conceived and staged: .

Visitors From Another Time

An Open Door Event in the Saint-Etienne-au-Mont Media Library

We are in 1854.

The Calonne family is on the point of returning to visit their grandmother by using the time machine built by Mr. Ferdinand Calonne, a remarkable inventor. But a wrong movement leaves them in a remote time: 21 October 2007!

The members of the family will discover with fun and astonishment what will become their house a century and a half later


Starting with Calonne Castle’s history (today St-Etienne-au-Mont Media Library) and its landed gentry, Caban Theatre launched a dynamic, interactive performance that took place across many rooms throughout the family castle.

The Making of Caban Theatre and its back-stage secrets
Retrospective of Caban Theatre Company

Saint-Etienne-au-Mont Media Library

Exhibition that reconstructs the artistic course of the Caban Theatre Company.

With photographs, posters, masks, costumes, accessories and sound tracks of our various spectacles.

We also organized guided tours of the exhibition for the children of the Saint-Etienne-au-Mont Leisure Centres.


Musical Comedy

To celebrate its 150th anniversary in September of 2006, the Portel Town Hall organized a large Musical Comedy:

One and a half centuries: Chronicles of the hamlet 

The staging was carried out by Cindy Picot and Cyril Fournier, dancers and choreographers of the Portel Council Dance School

Caban Theatre took part in this adventure, sprinkling in a little flamenco…
It should not be forgotten that our director Almudena Ruiz is Spanish!

New Year's Eve Celebrations (Le Portel)
Invisible Theatre

Invisible theatre is a trade technique born in Brazil that involves actors mixing with people incognito in order to create a reaction. It is particularly employed to bring to the surface social prejudice and aims to create positive change.

Four extravagant individuals appear at the New Year's Eve Celebrations organized by Le Portel Town Hall.

Portelois (inhabitants of Le Portel), instinctively antagonistic towards Parisians, are rather surprised by the presence of these crazy little characters from Paris. Different reactions ensue as part of demonstrating the partygoers’ realities and by this trying to change those who have prejudice.

It is only at the end of the evening that the guests will discover their true identity...

Actors :

Antoine Philippe Almudena Françoise

Characters :

kiler of pigs
nightclub barwoman
nightclub barwoman

Preparations :


Latino Evening in the Noroit Centre

Evening dedicated to
Spanish culture.

With readings of poems by Lorca,

songs and flamenco dance

and projection of the video
of our performance
Don Quijote de la Mancha

Close-up on my Borough

Short Film awarded Best Documentary at the Young Video Festival in Boulogne-sur-Mer

In June 2005, Caban Theatre collaborated with the Ferme Beaurepaire Association to create the short film Close-up on my Borough written and directed by Yannick, who was aided by the young people of the association.

This film (that did so well in the festival) had the goal of raising awareness about the need to respect the environment, a message that had particular resonance for the urban communities.

Congratulations to all the participants!


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